Insurance and Fees

We are out-of-network psychiatric providers. This means that we do NOT contract with any insurance companies. Because we do work in the hospital, our names may appear on your insurance company's search, however this applies only to our work in the hospital. Recovering Intuition NP Psychiatry, PLLC offers services fully independent of insurance companies. This benefits you because it means that we provide the care that YOU NEED, and not the care that a stranger at your insurance company has negotiated based on their own financial interest. You can even choose whether or not you want your insurance company to know that you are receiving treatment at all.

 We provide superbills, which do not guarantee reimbursement from your insurance company. Many times, insurance companies to offer out-of-network reimbursement. We will provide you with a monthly "superbill" with all of the information needed to receive reimbursement from your insurance company if you have out-of-network benefits. We recommend that you call your insurance company and ask if you have out-of-network benefits and what your deductible is. If you have state "marketplace" health insurance, HMO or EPO insurance, or Medicaid or Medicare, you most likely do not have out-of-network benefits.

We accept FSA and HSA cards. We accept all credit cards, including FSA and HSA cards. We use a HIPAA-compliant credit card processing program called Ivy to bill you after every session.