Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation

I offer a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation as the starting point for all services. This can be a one-time meeting where I give you treatment recommendations for a higher level of care or psychotherapy, or can be the start of an ongoing collaborative process where we address your mental health concerns through psychiatric medication, supportive counseling, and non-pharmacological treatments. A typical psychiatric evaluation is 60 minutes and involves a discussion of your past experiences, current mental and physical health, family history, and any concerns that you have. For adolescents, this will involve talking with the parents and talking with the adolescent, both together and separately. At the end of the session, I will share my thoughts with you about next steps, based on your preferences and concerns, and my clinical impression. I cannot always provide a diagnosis or "cause for the problems" after the first meeting, however we can identify together which symptoms need to be addressed and how. As a Doctor of Nursing Practice in Psychiatry, I firmly believe in treating people, not illnesses. I may prescribe you medication at this visit, if it is something you want. We may discuss other options such as genetic testing, supplementations, and lifestyle interventions such as psychotherapy, sleep hygiene, and mindfulness practice.