Our Approach

We believe in treating individuals and their symptoms, not diagnoses. While diagnosis can be a helpful tool at time, individuals with the same diagnosis often require completely different treatment approaches, and so we have learned the importance of getting to know every patient as an individual, developing an understanding of their strengths, needs, and medical concerns.

We believe that compassion and a therapeutic relationship are just as important as a knowledge of psychopharmacology. In order to provide the best care, we need our patients to trust us enough to be open and honest. You are the expert on your own life. We are just the expert on prescribing medications and need your openness and honesty about your life and your symptoms in order to make the best decisions for your treatment. We believe in a collaborative approach between doctor, patient, family, and other providers.

We consult frequently with colleagues and stay up-to-date with research in order to provide innovative, up-to-date treatment that addresses symptoms in the safest and most effective ways.