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Recovering Intuition is the principle that drives my work. I believe that our minds and bodies have most of the answers. Along the way, through traumatic or invalidating experiences, societal demands, and life changes, we sometimes become overwhelmed and develop unhealthy ways of coping. Restrictive eating, chronic dieting, binge eating, purging, over-exercise, self-harm, drugs, alcohol, people-pleasing, conflict-seeking, hiding behind our work or our relationships, and so many other ways of being may prevent us from being in touch with our inner selves. We run from our hunger, our emotions, or our life circumstances. We often develop highly effective ways of doing this, but ultimately those ways can backfire, either because they cause us physical harm, or because we hold an emptiness from being disconnected from our true selves. Often, it's both. My goal is to help you to recover the intuition you've lost along the way - to return to your true self, and more than that, to accept that self. We learn to change behaviors and change thoughts, as well as identify the root of some of these unhealthy mental and physical patterns that you may have adopted over the years. In learning to tie our past experiences to our present behaviors, we often figure out how to heal from the wounds that brought us here. Recovering Intuition involves learning who we are, and more importantly, who we want to be.

Many people may say that they don't trust their intuition, that their intuition is what tells them to engage in self-destructive patterns. However, I challenge you to consider that perhaps that is not your intuition, that's the eating disorder or addiction or trauma or self-hatred masquerading as your intuition, pretending to be your "wise mind." "Impulse" and "intuition" are not one in the same - and we will learn to distinguish one from the other. This, in and of itself, can be empowering!

I believe that the relationship is the most important part of psychotherapy - and it is where most of the healing happens. While I have training in more traditional psychotherapy that explores the past and its influence on our present, as well as training in evidence-based practices such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Cognitive Behavior Therapy, I firmly believe that there is no one "cookie cutter" approach that works for everyone with a particular problem. Although there are many theories and principles that guide my work, every person's therapeutic process is different. We all start in a different place, with different experiences, and we all travel a different path. Our strengths guide us, and our struggles provide us with suggestions for work that we need to do.

Especially when treating eating disorders, I embrace a Health at Every Size approach. This means that I support body positivity and acceptance of all bodies, of all sizes. As a healthcare professional, I value health and wellness, and I believe that that is not achieved with a number on a scale or with rigid food and exercise rules.

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